03/22/13 11:00am


Image source: Ranger Dave Taft, Gateway National Recreation Area

We learned via the Osprey’s Journey blog that Coley, the osprey that scientists have been tracking throughout the winter, has made it back to Jamaica Bay! He was in South America during the winter, but as of 5:20pm on March 20, Coley was spotted by Jamaica Bay naturalist Don Riepe. Coley was “sitting in the marsh by his nest with his mate while she was eating a fish.”


10/01/12 9:00am


Image source: Rapture Lounge

Open Mic at Rapture Lounge – Tonight, head to Rapture Lounge for their weekly Open Mic. Signup starts at 7pm and the open mic goes from 8-10pm. Musicians, poets, writers, singers-songwriters, comedians, and performance artists are all welcome. Bonus: no cover charge or drink minimum (but their drinks are worth a try). Stop by and see great local talent while imbibing one of their classic cocktails, like the Rapture’Rita (made with pineapple infused tequila!). (more…)

08/03/12 10:30am

Bread and cheese – it’s a classic combination in many cultures. Ben and Jen Sandler at The Queens Kickshaw certainly know this, evident in their amazing and popular grilled cheese sandwiches. Chef Darren Loveless certainly knows the power of bread and cheese as he crafts delicious panini and crostini at Il Bambino (the guys over at Forking Tasty like them, too – check out their video) And then there’s the amazing queso taco made by the friendly staff at La Cabana that is essentially bread and cheese. We could go on and on (and nom and nom).


Yet another twist on the bread and cheese combo is to bake the cheese into the dough, form it into a little rounds and bake them into buns. Two excellent examples of this approach are the Brazilian pao de queijo (which translates into “cheese bread”) and the Colombian pandebono (which translates into “good bread”). (more…)