10/31/12 2:00pm


Over on Brokelyn, they’ve published a great list of resources in case your apartment or business has sustained damage or flooding from Hurricane Sandy.

Even if you were hyper-responsible and remembered to get renters insurance (thanks roommate), turns out weather related flooding is considered an “Act of God” (cue boiling blood) and is not covered anyway. While a week ago your basement apartment was filled with secondhand and Ikea junk, now it’s a den of gross black mold. Your landlord’s insurance policy will cover the structural damage, but your personal property is your own problem. Our Congresswoman, Nydia M. Velázquez, put together the following list of contact information for federal, state, and city emergency relief and response programs to help you and your small business recover from this terrible disaster asap.

Here are the agencies that can help, in a quick and dirty list:

Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) – apply for assistance starting October 31st
http://www.disasterassistance.gov (more…)

10/28/12 12:30pm


Image source: NYC Office of Emergency Management

As you are no doubt aware, we’ve got a hurricane nipping at our heels. Hurricane Sandy is on its way here and it looks bad – and it will become even worse because it’s scheduled to have a meetup with a Nor’easter – the collision of these two storms have caused some weather folks to nickname the whole thing, “Frankenstorm” – this is ironic especially since we are so close to Halloween. “Turduckenstorm” has also made an appearance as well – a storm within a storm.

On a more serious note, over on the Facebook page for Craig Allen – the meteorologist at CBS 880 AM, is some good information. Here’s a storm tracking map – all the possible predictable paths the storm could take.

Image source: CBS 880 AM

Would have been great if the storm took the path of that outer green path. And here’s the storm along the Southeast coast (click to enlarge).


Image source: CBS 880 AM

It’s a big one. (more…)