02/12/13 10:00am


Image source: aprilandrandy on Flickr

Over the weekend, the subject of donuts took hold on our daydreaming mind, and we pondered the state of the independently-owned donut shop in NYC (conclusion: they are few and dwindling). Seems that Dunkin Donuts is what people think about when donuts come up on conversation. The big three of Peter Pan (Greenpoint), Doughnut Plant (LES), and Dough (Bed-Stuy) also often enter the conversation. So where do you like to get donuts? Which one is your favorite? Or are you more a croissant fan? And finally, which do you prefer – cake or raised donuts? We’d love to know – tips on good baked goods are always welcome. Leave us a comment here or via twitter at @queensnycity.

12/26/12 9:30am


Image source: DNAinfo – one of many Dunkin’ Donuts in Queens

The NY Daily News reports that Queens is a great success when it comes to chains, according to a report by the Center for an Urban Future. The presence of chains increased in the borough 2.1% over last year; there’s now a total of 1,658 locations. The only other borough that has more chains is Manhattan. But Queens has the most Dunkin’ Donuts, Baskin-Robbins and Rite Aid locations in the city.


11/07/12 2:00pm


Image source: DNAinfo

DNAinfo reports on some positive news in the silver lining realm – increased business at Queens Plaza, not to mention this area in LIC was one of the main transit hubs that could get people straight into Manhattan. Dunkin Donuts said they served twice the usual number of customers (so, around 1,600 people). LIC Bicycles also sold a lot of bikes, especially those in the $300-$500 range; rental bikes did well, too. The Queens Rozina Mini Mart also has a lot of customers. (more…)