12/24/12 10:00am


Today is Christmas Eve Day, with Christmas tomorrow. If you celebrate, how are you marking these couple of days? Are you taking the day off to relax? Preparing a big meal for friends or family? Going to church and/or waiting up with your kids for as long as their eyes stay open? Going to see a movie tomorrow? Hanging with loved ones? Let us know what you’re up to! Leave us a comment here or via twitter at @queensnycity. And Merry Christmas!

12/05/12 3:00pm


If you’re riding the subway on a Sunday during holiday season, you might be in for a treat. From Queens Plaza in LIC to 2nd Ave in Manhattan, the MTA is replacing the M train with a vintage train, featuring cars dating back to the 1930s and 1940s. We took a ride this past weekend and it was a lot of fun.


11/26/12 2:00pm

As the freezing temperatures approach, we’re ready for that quintessential urban winter sport: ice skating. Whether you do it for exercise, to show off your double axels, for a date night, to get the kids out of the house, or to people-watch… here are the best spots for ice skating in Queens.


Image source: City ice Pavilion

Long Island City has the City Ice Pavilion (GMAP), a rooftop bubble that you can spot from the 7 train, just west of the 33rd Street station. (more…)

11/18/12 9:00am

Image Source: R.U.S.H

Restaurants Unite for Sandy Help (R.U.S.H) and Sunnyside Cares join together to offer an extravaganza featuring music, food, libation, children’s activities and a monster raffle at Sunnyside Community Services (GMAP). All money raised will go directly to help victims of Hurricane Sandy. Consider the following: $10 all-you-can-eat bracelet; $10 bar bracelet; $15 combo bar-food bracelet; and $5 children’s bracelet.

Can’t make it today but would like to donate? Make an online contribution here.

The R.U.S.H
Sunday, Nov. 18, 2012
Sunnyside Community Services, 43-31 39th Street
4 pm-8pm | $5 – $15

11/16/12 2:00pm


Image source: Warm Sleepy on Flickr

As parents with young children know, hiring a babysitter is expensive, and a lot of the time you end up not going out at all to avoid the cost and hassle. To get around these issues, some Queens residents have started sharing childcare tasks with other parents in their neighborhood.

The SunnyBaby childcare cooperative launched in October and covers all of Sunnyside and parts of Woodside. (more…)

10/26/12 2:00pm


In many parts of NYC, children forgo trick-or-treating altogether or only visit stores, restaurants, and other businesses for candy handouts, because their residential areas just aren’t conducive to knocking on doors, and no one knows which doors are OK to knock on anyway. The more famous Halloween shenanigans in the city are for basically for adults.

But Queens is home to several safe, family-friendly neighborhoods where the tradition of going house to house is thriving. Here’s our guide to the best hoods for trick-or-treating in the borough. (more…)

10/11/12 2:00pm

Image source: Randy Le’Moine Photography on Flickr

As we get into the NYC Marathon spirit, most of us are not quite ready to participate in a five-borough, 26.2-mile, world-famous race ourselves. Luckily, there’s a whole slate of running events taking place around Queens this fall for runners and walkers of all levels – even children can participate in some. (more…)

09/19/12 3:00pm

One of the quirkiest things about Queens is that you can be officially in NYC while getting lost in a three-acre corn maze. The annual Amazing Maize Maze opened this past weekend at the Queens County Farm Museum (GMAP), and we jumped at the chance to partake in this urban/rural adventure.


Every year, the farm creates a different maze design with help from the American Maze Company. The 2012 theme is “Once Upon A Time,” so the clues and interactive features have to do with fairy tales. A “stalk talk” at the entrance explains how to solve the puzzles along the way. But whether you’re paying attention to the Magical Storybook Kingdom aspects of the labyrinth or not, you’ll get lost pretty quickly. (more…)

08/23/12 2:00pm

Over the years, the Queens Library has evolved to become much more convenient than it used to be. For instance, in the past you could only return library books when the library was open, and some of the branches kept inconvenient hours for that sort of thing. Now when you want to return a book, you can do it through one of the self-service touch-screen kiosks located outside the branches at all hours. (more…)

08/06/12 9:30am


We wrote last week about a married couple, along with their dog, that moved from Midtown to a two bedroom condo in LIC. This week its the NYTimes turn, writing about four men, friends since meeting at NYU in 1991, all creative types, all approaching 40, some with girlfriends, living together in Astoria for the past four years in an apartment they’ve dubbed “Fortress Astoria.” They are not a family in the traditional sense, but they do rely on each other in a familial kind of way, even having a joint checking account. And they did move to Astoria together after having lived as a group in various apartments since college. One thing different about this apartment from their previous ones is that its their first outside of Manhattan. If you are curious, they are on 31st street above a barbershop in a building that does look somewhat fortress-like. (GMAP)