03/11/15 1:00pm


After becoming a professional dancer and choreographer in 1954, Paul Taylor has enjoyed a long and influential career, shaping a distinctly U.S. style of modern dance. In 1993, he established Taylor 2, a modern dance unhindered by technical limitations and spanning a broad spectrum of his original work, including his sunny Aureole, and his serious The Uncommitted. This Saturday, Flushing Town Hall hosts a performance of Taylor 2 with a pre-show, interactive workshop for those who want to learn how to move like Taylor.

Details: Taylor 2, Flushing Town Hall, 137-35 Northern Boulevard, Flushing, March 14th, 1 pm (workshop, $7/$4 for children)2:15 pm (presentation, $13/$8 for children) with brief intermission.

Photo: Flushing Town Hall

Bonus details: Storybook Discovery: The Luck of the Irish at the Voelker Orth Museum, Bird Sanctuary, and Victorian Garden, 149-19 38th Avenue, Flushing, March 14th, 11 am, free with $5 suggested donation. This venue hosts a monthly reading for children. This Saturday’s event focuses on tales of leprechauns and shamrocks.

02/27/15 1:00pm


Wonderful sounds of Asia, Europe, and Latin America will fill the Queens air this weekend during three different concerts. The fun starts on Saturday afternoon, when the EastRiver Ensemble presents a workshop on Chinese music at 1 pm, followed by a concert at 2:15 pm. This group presents traditional folk music, dance, and acrobatics with a focus on the Dongbei and Hebei regions of north China. Instruments include the yangqin (dulcimer), the pipa (lute), flutes, fiddles, and percussion. More photos and information are on the jump page.


02/25/15 1:00pm


At first glance, calligraphy is a visual art. But upon further investigation, its characters and images also express philosophy, culture, and inspiration. Chao-Lin Ting (above) has been engaging in this practice for roughly nine decades. The Chiangsu Province native is world renowned for his seal and semi-cursive scripts. This Sunday, the 102-year-old will co-present an afternoon dedicated to calligraphy at Flushing Town Hall. At 1 pm, Ting and James Shau will teach the basics of the Chinese genre, while Seoul native Yoo Sung Lee, a professional with over 30 years of practice who wrote a chapter in the World Encyclopedia of Calligraphy will inform on the Korean styles at 3 pm. Plus, the town hall’s walls are currently covered with Ting and Lee’s work as part of the Dynamic Writing: A Century of Calligraphy exhibit, which runs until March 22nd. (Gallery hours are Saturdays and Sundays, noon to 5 pm.)

More details, another photo, and bonus details on jump page.


02/11/15 3:00pm


Back in September, an anonymous donor challenged Flushing Town Hall to raise $35,000 in new donations by February of this year. If the historic arts center reached its goal, the donor promised to contribute another $35,000. Well, here’s some good news straight from Flushing Town Hall: since September more than 300 people donated, for a total of more than $41,000. Says the Artistic Director Ellen Kodadek, “We are extremely heartened by this outpouring of support. People from all walks of life – new and returning visitors, supporters of the arts, neighbors and visitors from afar – all pitched in to help meet this challenge. We even received a number of contributions from people whose names we didn’t even recognize. This is just an amazing response!” The funds will be used to keep things running at Flushing Town Hall, which has undergone significant budget cuts in recent years.

You can donate to the fundraiser until February 28th. The “35″ in “$35,000″ actually represents this year’s 35th anniversary of the Flushing Council on Culture and the Arts.

All Flushing Town Hall coverage [Q'Stoner]

02/11/15 2:00pm


There’s some confusion as to whether it’s the Year of the Goat, Sheep or Ram, but it’s perfectly clear that Flushing is “The Place” to celebrate Lunar New Year this weekend. The neighborhood will be radiant in the colors red and gold, and red-clothed individuals will be in the street, handing out money wrapped in red envelopes and oranges. The 19th annual parade will kick off in the vicinity of Union Street and 37th Avenue on February 21st at 11 am with an estimated 5,000 spectators, lanterns, fireworks, dancing lions, and large dragons. It will end near Main Street and 39th Avenue about an hour later. However, this is the prize at the end of the stretch; two unique, inspiring Lunar New Year events are set for this weekend.


02/05/15 1:00pm


The Puppet State Theatre Company of Scotland is heading to Flushing Town Hall to present The Man Who Planted Trees (also known as The Story of Elzéard Bouffier) on Sunday. This multi-sensory adaptation of Jean Giono’s classic French tale depicts a shepherd who plants acorn after acorn until transforming a barren section of the Alps into a forest. Often hilarious while at other times touching, this allegorical story demonstrates the difference one man (and his dog) can make in the world.

Meanwhile, Queens Theatre will present Charlotte’s Web, adapted from E.B. White’s book about the friendship between a pig named “Wilbur” and a spider named “Charlotte,” on Sunday. Amid a farm full of mad-cap animals, Charlotte uses her writing and web-spinning skills to help Wilbur avoid being butchered. Another photo, more details, and discount offers follow on the jump page.


01/22/15 1:00pm


Physics and geometry have never been so much fun! Greg Kennedy will perform Spherus, a nonverbal show with two accompanying aerial acrobats that incorporates trapeze, silks, and spinning hoops this Saturday at Flushing Town Hall. Trained as an engineer and a two-time international juggling champion, Kennedy spent five years with Cirque du Soleil. Now, he’s putting it all together with a juggling performance inter-spliced with video that illustrates and explains the principles of motion, light, energy, and gravity. For extra credit, he’ll give a workshop on creating beauty in motion after the show.

Details: Juggling Extravaganza, Flushing Town Hall, 137-35 Northern Boulevard, Flushing, January 24th, 2:15 show, 3:30 pm workshop, $13/$8 for children.


Photo: Flushing Town Hall

01/14/15 3:00pm


Experience Korea and Japan for free without the jet lag this weekend. On Friday, Flushing Town Hall hosts the Korean world music group NorianMaro, which has 12 members who specialize in an innovative style of traditional performing arts with dance, music, singing, percussion, theater and multi-media. Expect colorful costumes, haunting chants, pulsing movements, dynamic drums, enchanting vocals, and imaginary narratives as the troupe takes the audience to Leodo, a fantasy island treasured by the people in Jeju, a beautiful province in Korea. More details and another photo on jump page.


12/17/14 1:00pm
The legend lives on, but it won’t be pigeonholed. Trumpeter Theo Croker is both a bold newcomer on the jazz-soul scene and the grandson of arch-traditionalist trumpet legend Doc Cheatham, whose seven-decade, award-filled career ended on his death in 1997. Still in his twenties, Croker is deeply immersed in jazz , but he also writes and produces R&B, hip-hop, rap, and film scores, along with contemporary classical music. In addition to his grandfather, this 2006 Presser Music Foundation Award recipient lists Louis Armstrong, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, and Outkast among his influences. On Friday, Croker and his DVRK Funk outfit take their act to Flushing Town Hall. Expect some swinging jazz with trumpet, saxophone, drums, bass, piano…and general impunity. More details on jump page. (more…)
11/26/14 1:00pm


Human Rights Week 2014 is coming up, and as it has been for the past 350 years, Queens is the center of it all. On December 5th, the Flushing Interfaith Council will host a special concert featuring six diverse performing groups — Flamenco expert Barbara Martinez, chanters from the Hindu Temple Society of North America, NEMO (Katy Mantyk and Nemanja Rebic), TOMO Japan Choral Harmony, Willow Interfaith Women’s Choir (below), and Zikrayat (above) — in Flushing Town Hall. Expect folk songs, Hindu chants, Flamenco stomping, and Arab rhythms, but there might be some Gospel, Latin motets, and Hebrew rounds as well. The interfaith council’s goal is to celebrate religious freedom and raise awareness about religious persecution, so proceeds will benefit its Peace and Justice Committee and Burma Task Force USA.

Details: Deeper Harmonies, Flushing Town Hall, 135-35 Northern Boulevard, December 5th, 7 pm, $10-$15.

Top photo: Zikrayat; bottom photo: Willow Interfaith Women’s Choir