03/13/14 1:00pm


Don’t bring a black-and-white camera. This Sunday, the 26th Annual Phagwah-Holi Parade will fill the streets of Richmond Hill with color, music and glee. If the weather is good, at least 50,000 revelers will celebrate this Indo-Caribbean-Hindu religious holiday by singing, riding floats and throwing powder, perfume and water at each other in a good-natured fashion. (One popular red dye, called “abeer,” symbolizes the blood of tyrannical King Kiranya, who was burnt alive by his son to avenge the suffering he had inflicted on his people.) The parade formation will begin at around 10 am in the vicinity of Liberty Avenue and 133rd Street. Participants will then proceed to 125th Street and head to Smokey Oval Park at 92nd Avenue, where music and cultural performances will take place until about 6 pm.

Details: Phagwah Parade, Liberty Avenue, starting at 133rd Street, Richmond Hill, March 16th, 10 am to 6 pm, free.


11/08/12 11:00am


Image source: shawnzam on Flickr

In their search for the best dosas in NYC, we hope the Dosa Hunt crew stopped at the canteen in the basement of the Ganesh Temple (GMAP), which happens to be next to Dosa Hutt. One of the most interesting buildings in Flushing, Šri Mahã Vallabha Ganapati Devasthãnam is a Hindu temple and community center with a modest-looking eatery in its basement, next to the gift shop. (more…)