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Chopsticks + Marrow, written by Joe DiStefano, covers food both inside and outside of Queens. He joins us here on QueensNYC each Thursday.

Sweet and cold, El Bohio’s shaved ice is a harbinger of even warmer days.
Sweet and cold, El Bohio’s shaved ice is a harbinger of even warmer days

Forget that groundhog. The real indicator of the arrival of warm weather is the ice cream man. Or in Corona, the shaved ice man, specifically the dude who sets up in the window in front of El Bohio Grocery. The other day after eating enough Thai food for an army I took a long walk up Roosevelt Avenue and was delighted to see that El Bohio’s shaved ice—or frio frio as Dominicans like to call it­—was in full effect. (more…)

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Chopsticks + Marrow, written by Joe DiStefano, covers food both inside and outside of Queens. He’ll be joining us here on QueensNYC each Thursday.


An ice cream parlor twist on an Italian classic

When I was a kid I loved ice cream sodas. As an adult I discovered the affogato, a very grown-up Italian treat that takes its name from the word for “drowned.”  It’s a scoop of ice cream with a shot  of espresso poured on top. One day I was in Eddie’s Sweet Shop, the quintessential Queens ice cream parlor and I noticed they had had an espresso machine.


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Image source: Patricia on Wikimedia Commons

Thanksgiving is only days away – we are pretty excited about the holiday foods that are coming up. So what are your favorites this time of year? Pumpkin pie in actual pie, cheesecake or ice cream form? Turkey and stuffing? Yams with marshmallows? Something else? We’d love to know. Leave us a comment here or via twitter at @queensnycity!


Image source: Malu

Malu, the excellent ice cream shop on Jackson Avenue in Long Island City (GMAP), has entered the Presidential election fray in their own way… with ice cream. They are holding a little contest on their Facebook page to come up with two different ice creams representative of the candidates in the November election. (more…)

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Well, the temps are back up in the summery range today, and when it gets like this, ice cream is in order. Where do you like to eat ice cream? Are you a classic ice cream person, a gelato person, or do you fancy the Italian ices, like the Lemon Ice King of Corona? Let us know in the comments or via twitter at @queensnycity!

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The countdown for Labor Day is on and we’ve got three weeks to wear white pants and flip flops and cut out of the office early on Friday afternoons. While New Yorkers everywhere mourn the disappearance of Water Taxi Beach at Hunter’s Point, we’ve still got the Rockaways for sand and surf. Anywhere around the borough you happen to be, you can find plenty of casual summer fare, perfect for hot days and nights, to keep that feeling of summer going right up to the end.

Image source: karlnorling on Flickr

There’s been a lot of happy buzz about Motorboat & the Big Banana, located at the Rockaway Beach Club at the Boardwalk. A venture of Brooklyn’s Vinegar Hill House’s Jean Adamson and Lindsay Robinson, who came from Diner (also in Brooklyn), it’s a low-brow fry shack that serves up very high quality grub (and check out this video of their food).   (more…)