12/14/12 3:00pm


Over the past couple of months, the local community groups Astoria Park Alliance and Green Shores have organized Leaf Fest, which was a program to collect as many fallen leaves in the waterfront parks (Astoria Park, Ralph Demarco Park, Rainey Park, and Queensbridge Park) as possible. They did this on Saturdays in October, November, and December. (more…)

11/02/12 3:00pm


We wanted to repost about Leaf Fest: Astoria Park this weekend, which as gone beyond simply raking leaves and collecting them to compost, and has turned into a bigger cleanup of Astoria Park as a whole. The Astoria Park Alliance posted this update:

Leaf Fest/ Operation Clean Up is officially on in Astoria Park! Please join us this Saturday, Nov. 3rd, from 10am to noon. We will have a table set up in front of the Tennis Courts, near the “Field House”. Let’s get a huge turnout and cleanup! Please Note: NYC PARKS WILL NOT RE-OPEN UNTILL SATURDAY, 8AM. Please let the crews get in there and do their job! Join us at 10am.


10/25/12 9:00am


Image source: Diego Salazar Gallery

Opening Reception fo Arthur Hammer: People, Places, Things – The late Arthur Hammer (1932-2012) was a painter who began creating art in the early 1960s, having fallen in love with the modernist paintings of Marsden Hartley, Albert P. Ryder, as well as those of the German expressionists. His work was shown in a variety of galleries, including the Jeffrey Leder Gallery and the Art-O-Mat in LIC. This exhibit is being curated by Elinore Schnurr. Thursday night is the opening reception from 5-8pm at the Diego Salazar Art Gallery, most recently the location of a group art exhibit by Latin American artists. (more…)