07/20/12 1:00pm

Here are some of our favorite vegetarian and vegetarian-friendly spots, from Turkish and Chinese to innovative American comfort food.

Mundo – Astoria – You know a place “gets” vegetarians when the signature dish—a rich red lentil appetizer called Red Sonja—is meat free. The rest of the Turkish/Argentinian menu is full of both veggie and meaty options, from soups to empanadas to dumplings. (GMAP)


Image source: Philippe Trinh for Boro Magazine


07/10/12 11:00am

Flushing and Jackson Heights are home to some of the tastiest dumplings in the city. Here’s where to find the best.


Guo tie,  Sliced Noodles – Flushing – The name of this outfit is Sliced Noodles, but it’s got some of the most gorgeous, and delicious, dumplings  around. The guo tie ($4.75)—pork and chive pot stickers—are incredibly fresh. What makes them really special though is a cooking method that results in a mandala of deliciousness. The octet of juicy, delicate-skinned pot stickers are arranged in a radial pattern connected by a brown web of dough making for some incredibly fun eating. Don’t be surprised if your Chinese table mate asks, “What is that, a pancake?” Sliced Noodles, No. 12, New World Mall Food Court, 40-21 Main St., Flushing (GMAP)

New World Guo Tie Flushing


Crab soup dumplings, Diverse Dim Sum – Flushing – The shrimp dumplings and other snacks at the strangely named Diverse Dim Sum in the  Flushing Mall are all quite good by food court—and even dim sum parlor—standards. The real standout here though is crab meat xiao long bao (six for $7.50). The thin translucent skins of these Shanghai soup dumplings are packed with savory crustacean-flavored broth and crab meat. Take care when handling these delicate flavor bundles. It is possible both to scald one’s self and spill the delicate broth. The best course of action is to pluck one from the steamer, place it in a soup spoon , and nip a tiny hole in the side. Add some black vinegar and a bit of ginger and then slurp away. Diverse Dim Sum, Flushing Mall Food Court, 133-31 39th Ave., Flushing, 718-395-8188 (GMAP)

Diverse Dim Sum Flushing


07/06/12 10:00am

Mets baseball and the U.S. Open are the big-ticket attractions in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, but there is more to do here than cheering and booing from the stands (even though that’s fun too).


Marvel at the Panorama at the Queens Museum of Art

Created for the 1964 World’s Fair at the behest of Robert Moses, the 9,335-square-foot diorama of New York City is as awe-inspiring now as it was then.

queens panorama

Image source: Flickr Creative Commons – user Joe Shlabotnik


Drop in on the residents of the Queens Zoo

It may be disproportionate to the borough in size (11 acres) and diversity (fauna from the Americas only), but the Queens Zoo is a hit with kids. Don’t miss the aviary, a geodesic dome left over from the 1964 Fair where birds fly freely.

queens zoo aviary

Image source:  Flickr Creative Commons – user Kiawah Confectioner


06/20/12 2:00pm

lemon ice king

1. Try the “Iceland” sauna room at Spa Castle

Relax, rejuvenate, and freshen up at this massive spa in College Point. Sip cucumber water and enjoy the cool bath, which apparently helps boost the immune system too.

2. Chill out in the Queens Library

Get caught up with your book club assignment, play chess or Scrabble, meet homework mentors, and enjoy a ton of other activities at your local library. Book and AC are a winning combination.

3. Go kayaking at the LIC Boathouse

For those willing to exercise in this heat, join a paddling trip to Brooklyn Bridge Park this Saturday. Hopefully being on the water will be tolerable; just don’t forget your sunscreen.

4. Play in the sprinklers at Elmhurst Park’s playground

Fountains and sprinklers abound in this awesome kids playground. Bring swimsuits and towels and let your kids play in the spray.

5. Get your Italian ice fix from the Lemon Ice King of Corona

With flavors from real fruit like peach, blueberry, and sour apple, these guys know what’s cool. They’ve been at it for 60 years. An excerpt from their “Ode to The Lemon Ice King” sums up the experience:

To lick the cup, life’s fleeting pleasure —
An absolute New York refresher treasure
How many tastes
How many smiles
How many mmmmmmmmms
Impossible to measure!

Image source: The East vs West blog