11/21/12 2:00pm

Rockaway Taco by Chris Gold

Rockaway Taco by Chris Gold

The Rockaway boardwalk has been the recent home to a number of food vendors, and has been part of a whole “food renaissance” there. The vendors have been a huge draw in the summers for regulars as well as people originally unfamiliar with the Rockaway peninsula. A lot of people have fallen in love with the Rockaways through the food.

These food vendors, many of them right there on the boardwalk, were hit hard, and have suffered much damage to property, not to mention the boardwalk in some areas is just gone. Overwhelmingly there is loss; some are expecting to rebuild; some are uncertain.

Vendors are situated from Beach 86 to Beach 106. Here are some status updates.

Caracas Arepa Bar. 106-01 Shore Front Pkwy – GMAP. According to a 10/31 Facebook update, “Caracas Rockaway… totally destroyed as well as the whole peninsula… we were there yesterday and it s really sad… we will reach out for volunteers to help people out there as soon as we have a clear idea on how to do it properly.”


Image source: Caracas Arepa Bar Facebook page November 13, 2012


08/15/12 1:30pm

The countdown for Labor Day is on and we’ve got three weeks to wear white pants and flip flops and cut out of the office early on Friday afternoons. While New Yorkers everywhere mourn the disappearance of Water Taxi Beach at Hunter’s Point, we’ve still got the Rockaways for sand and surf. Anywhere around the borough you happen to be, you can find plenty of casual summer fare, perfect for hot days and nights, to keep that feeling of summer going right up to the end.

Image source: karlnorling on Flickr

There’s been a lot of happy buzz about Motorboat & the Big Banana, located at the Rockaway Beach Club at the Boardwalk. A venture of Brooklyn’s Vinegar Hill House’s Jean Adamson and Lindsay Robinson, who came from Diner (also in Brooklyn), it’s a low-brow fry shack that serves up very high quality grub (and check out this video of their food).   (more…)