04/15/15 9:45am


Cesar Millan (aka the Dog Whisperer) comes to Queens this week. He’ll find a lot of fun things to do as the next few days feature Doo Wop and classical music concerts, Earth Day celebrations, comedy, and even a balsa wood workshop. Here’s the rundown: (more…)

04/08/15 9:30am

Kris Seto

Some enrichment options head outdoors with such events as a carnival, a gardening extravaganza, and a guided walk. But with “April Showers” in mind, the borough also hosts indoor fun, such as comedy, live music, film, theater, photography, and some 3-D magic. Here’s the rundown. (more…)

04/03/15 11:00am


Last night, I attended an event produced by the Queens Economic Development Corporation at the Museum of the Moving Image over on 35th Avenue in almond-eyed Astoria. It was a celebration of entrepreneurs who are doing interesting and positive things in the borough. The group announced winners in their eighth annual Queens StartUP! Business Plan Competition, which is organized by the Queens Economic Development Corporation and  Citi Foundation, with help from Queens Library. (more…)

03/25/15 1:00pm


About 40 years ago, New York City was covered in graffiti, teeming with crime, and on the edge of bankruptcy. But the punk scene was thriving. Some of the lesser known films from the era reflect a city with deserted streets, bohemian fashion, rebellion in the air, but most importantly, music everywhere. This weekend, the Museum of the Moving Image will present Downtown New York Film: The 1970s and 1980s. More information on this two-day festival and another photo are on the jump page.


03/05/15 2:00pm


Mad Men has driven viewers crazy over the past seven years, but the AMC drama about 1960s ad executive/ alpha male Don Draper will begin its final seven episodes on April 5th. The Museum of the Moving Image will mark the end of this era with an exhibition and a film series. On display from March 14th through June 14th, Matthew Weiner’s Mad Men explores the creative process behind the show with original sets, props, costumes, advertising art, and personal notes from Weiner, the creator. Information on the film series and more photos on jump page.


03/02/15 1:00pm


It’s an urban legend that allegedly took place in a rural area. Takako Konishi, an office worker from Tokyo, was found dead in a Minnesota field on November 15th, 2001. (That much is undisputed.) Her death was ruled a suicide, but an alternate theory has many believers: She died looking for money that was hidden in the 1996 movie Fargo, which she thought was based on a true story. This Thursday, independent filmmakers David and Nathan Zellner will be at the Museum of the Moving Image to participate in a preview screening and Q&A about their new feature film, Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter, which is based on this legend. More information and an additional photo are on the jump page.


02/23/15 11:00am


Most don’t survive their third year, but the 5th Annual Queens World Film Festival is about to begin its six-day run on March 17, and it keeps growing and growing. A total of 116 flicks — of all imaginable lengths, themes, and languages — will screen at various venues in Astoria, Jackson Heights, the Kaufman Arts District, and Long Island City this year. But beforehand the organizers are going to hold a special night to introduce some of the filmmakers, festival directors, and special guests as well as show 10 trailers of selected movies. More information and another photo on jump page.


02/18/15 1:00pm


Gordon Willis was arguably the greatest New York City-based cinematographer ever. Working with such directors as Francis Ford Coppola and Woody Allen, this Astoria-born maverick had the ability to use shadow and underexposed film to gain commercial fame while shunning the Hollywood system. The Museum of the Moving Image is currently celebrating Willis (1931–2014) and his contribution to film as part of its ongoing, periodical See In Big! series, which shows classical movies on a large screen. With films scheduled on weekends through March 1st, the next one is this Friday. A list and another photo follow on the jump page.


02/12/15 1:00pm


It’s all fun and games at the Museum of the Moving Image this weekend. IndieCade East 2015, the Sundance for video game enthusiasts, will offer three days of panel discussions, workshops, and demonstrations with the industry’s most prominent inventors, designers, programmers, academics, artists, marketers and journalists. Mary Flanagan, founder of Tiltfactor game labs and Thomas Grip, co-founder of Frictional Games are the keynote speakers. The three-day extravaganza will feature a Show-and-Tell Lounge where aspiring developers will demonstrate their latest inventions and an eSports Showcase. On Saturday (Valentine’s Day), the museum will convert into an oversize arcade with party-style gameplay, large projections, and physically interactive theater battles.

An additional photo and more details after the jump. (more…)

02/03/15 1:00pm


Take a trip to Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, the US-Mexico border or even the World of Make Believe while physically staying in Western Queens. The Museum of the Moving Image will host a screening/Q&A/ demonstration with legendary animation expert Glen Keane on Thursday, followed by a weekend series of the best Latin American films of recent years. More info on jump page.