10/29/13 1:00pm

Anne Katrine Senstad Tears on a Coffin 2013

Food for thought… and munching. No Longer Empty, a nonprofit that organizes experimental public art exhibits, will host Conveying the Invisible, four site-specific “art interventions” addressing love, life, death and rebirth during the first-ever Sunnyside Restaurant Week. From November 4th through November 16th, art will be displayed as follows at the following restaurants: PJ Horgan’s (42-17 Queens Boulevard), Anne Katrine Senstad’s Tears on a Coffin neon installation; Malingo (43-16 Queens Boulevard), live painting performances by Simonetta Moro; Venturo (44-07 Queens Boulevard), Carlo Steiner’s Butterflies installation with butterfly-shaped wafers; and Nodus (45-04 Queens Boulevard), Erika Harrsch‘s Body Map and Eros Thanatos video installations. In addition, three of these artists will offer live performances on November 4th as follows: PJ Horgan’s, 11 am to 10 pm, Senstad’s Tears on a Coffin will be in the parking lot; PJ Horgan’s, 6 pm to 8 pm, Senstad will perform with a Mariachi band; Malingo, 2 pm to 7 pm, Moro will paint; and Venturo, 6 pm to 10 pm, Steiner will present Butterfly Maker.

Details: Conveying the Invisible, check four Sunnyside restaurant venues, November 4th through the 16th, free. (more…)


Image Source: Vivo Bailando

Consider it the perfect extension of Valentine’s Day. Throughout Mexico and Central America, nightclubs hire women to dance with men when requested. Nothing sexual, just fully clothed partnership for a salsa or merengue song. On February 15, No Longer Empty and artists Shaun Leonardo, Andrew Leonardo and Ivan Monforte turn the tables on this custom. At The Tiki Tiki Club, women will invite men on the dance floor for $2 a piece. And for extra ambiance, No Longer Empty will transform its exhibition space, The Clocktower in LIC, into a nightclub worthy of Latin America and Queens!

The Tiki Tiki Club
29-27 41st Avenue, Queens Plaza North
The Clocktower
Friday, February 15
7pm – 10pm | Free to enter; $2 per dance


We’ve talked about No Longer Empty’s installation, How Much Do I Owe You? before, and we’re delighted to tell you that the opening is tonight! This is No Longer Empty’s 14th site-specific exhibition, taking place on the first floor, basement (vault), and mezzanine of LIC’s Bank of Manhattan Building. We attended a preview on Monday and wanted to share with you want we saw; hopefully this will whet your appetite to check out this amazing exhibition/installation.


Ghost of a Dream – In Banks We Trust. Hundreds of bank slogans are handwritten on the walls here in this area below the stairs that go up to the mezzanine. Below is one detail that caught our eye, with the slogan “Dare to Dream.” You can also make out “a true liberator,” too.


Detail of Ghost of a Dream – In Banks We Trust – “Dare to Dream”


12/11/12 9:00am

Image Source: No Longer Empty

No Longer Empty is dedicated to widening public engagement in contemporary art, promoting imaginative and socially conscious artists and demonstrating art’s capacity to revitalize communities. The nonprofit’s 14th exhibition, How Much Do I Owe You?, will adorn The Clock Tower, part of the iconic former Bank of Manhattan building in Long Island City. Twenty-six artists from 15 countries will display everything from sound installations to participatory projects to large scale sculptures. The three-month display will kick off with an opening reception this Wednesday, December 12, with special remarks by City Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer, the area’s representative and the chair of the NYC Cultural Affairs Committee.

How Much Do I Owe You?
The Clock Tower
29-27 41st Avenue, Long Island City
Wednesday, December 12
7pm-9pm | FREE!

12/06/12 2:00pm


Image source: Google Maps

Like it or not, every US citizen needs the Social Security Administration. The Queens Gazette reports that a new SSA office opened up recently in Dutch Kills at 31-10 37th Ave (GMAP) and will serve quite a large population, since it will incorporate SSA offices that were closed in Astoria, Long Island City and Jackson Heights. They have signed a lease to occupy close to 11,000-square-feet on the ground floor of this building, the Alma Corporate Headquarters.



If you’ve gotten on or off the E, M, or R Trains at Queens Plaza, you may have noticed an old, elegant, tan-colored office building topped with a clock-tower situated across from the park, rising above the elevated curve of the N train.