08/06/12 9:30am


We wrote last week about a married couple, along with their dog, that moved from Midtown to a two bedroom condo in LIC. This week its the NYTimes turn, writing about four men, friends since meeting at NYU in 1991, all creative types, all approaching 40, some with girlfriends, living together in Astoria for the past four years in an apartment they’ve dubbed “Fortress Astoria.” They are not a family in the traditional sense, but they do rely on each other in a familial kind of way, even having a joint checking account. And they did move to Astoria together after having lived as a group in various apartments since college. One thing different about this apartment from their previous ones is that its their first outside of Manhattan. If you are curious, they are on 31st street above a barbershop in a building that does look somewhat fortress-like. (GMAP)