11/05/12 12:00pm


Image source: Wikimedia Commons – long gas lines

We’ve come across some online resources that may help you in your search for gasoline, whether it’s to power your car, generator, or whatever else you need to handle life in this post-Sandy world.

A collaborative document from Hackpad (“small collaborative documents”) called hurricanesandy-gasmap-projects, holds a lot of info and is a bounty of links to online gas finding resources. You may edit it yourself with helpful, applicable info, but please be careful to not overwrite anything else on the page.

Here are some links directly to the gas finder pages:

Need Gas? This is a collaborative map document indicates Open, Sold Out, and Charging Station with green, red, and yellow map markets, respectively. The page was created by Scholars Organizing Culturally Innovative Opportunities, a youth mapping initiative that gained popularity at Franklin High School in Franklin County, NJ in 2010. Their Facebook group is located at Find Gas Stations? (more…)