03/12/13 12:00pm


Image source: LIC Spot

It’s been a long time coming, but Open Door restaurant in LIC is finally open. This is the project of Nick Guitart, owner and executive chef of the restaurant. It’s located at 10-09 50th Avenue (GMAP), and they’ll be serving what sounds like pretty tasty food, according to LIC Spot:

We were presented with four savory dishes: a very tender leg of lamb, with apricot slaw on top of a walnut and date bread; roasted Italian greens; pear and pork oriental-style dumplings and an especially tasty yuca gnocchi with cilantro pesto. The server advised us to let the lamb stand to allow the juices to soak into the bread, which we did to good effect, making it more like a stuffing than a piece of bread. All the dishes were tasty and nicely cooked. The two desserts we had, cheese cake and chocolate cup cake, were both delicious.



Image source: LIC Spot – the interior with a nod to the Pepsi-Cola sign on the LIC waterfront

A while back we told you about opendoor, a restaurant that was slated to open in October, but obviously that didn’t happen. A post over at LIC Spot indicates they will open soon – maybe even in a few weeks. (more…)