02/15/13 12:00pm


We were pretty happy to see this piece on beer in Queens from Time Out New York – places where you can drink it and places that brew it. It’s pretty heavily weighted on the western Queens side, where a lot of the micro/craft brew action is happening. On the drinking side, there’s Astoria Bier and Cheese – we were just in there the other night and it’s a really great space with really delicious beer; The Strand Smokehouse, who just got a new Executive Chef; and opendoor in LIC – Juan from beer-loving Sunswick is part of this endeavor.



Image source: LIC Spot – the interior with a nod to the Pepsi-Cola sign on the LIC waterfront

A while back we told you about opendoor, a restaurant that was slated to open in October, but obviously that didn’t happen. A post over at LIC Spot indicates they will open soon – maybe even in a few weeks. (more…)