03/22/13 11:00am


Image source: Ranger Dave Taft, Gateway National Recreation Area

We learned via the Osprey’s Journey blog that Coley, the osprey that scientists have been tracking throughout the winter, has made it back to Jamaica Bay! He was in South America during the winter, but as of 5:20pm on March 20, Coley was spotted by Jamaica Bay naturalist Don Riepe. Coley was “sitting in the marsh by his nest with his mate while she was eating a fish.”


01/29/13 9:30am


Image source: The Wave – the flock of snow geese hanging out in Jamaica Bay this winter

When the weather got downright frightful for us humans, serious cold weather birds felt completely at home. The Wave reports that spotted in Jamaica Bay were a snowy owl, a flock of snow geese, and other waterfowl like brant geese, hooded mergansers, bufflehead ducks, horned grebes and Arctic scaup.


10/17/12 2:00pm


Image source: Osprey’s Journey

Back in May, a male Osprey nesting in the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge was outfitted with a GPS pack. He was released in June. The within will keep track of him as he moves around – within Jamaica Bay and environs, and also as he migrates south for the winter (currently he’s in Colombia).

This is part of a two-year research project spearheaded by the nonprofit National Parks of New York Harbor Conservancy. (more…)