02/06/13 11:00am


Image source: Rockaway Rises – an amazing shot of color from the Rockaways by Maureen Farley

For so long – well, for about the past three months – the eye on the Rockaways has been focused on the damage and destruction wrought by Hurricane Sandy. The images coming out of this place have been heartbreaking and at times quite difficult to see and stomach. So imagine how happy we were to learn about Rockaway Rises, a website focusing on the exact opposite – in fact, in their About page, they specify, “No devastation and destruction.” (more…)

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Image source: Nick Hirshon

A new book on Forest Hills is going to be released mid-February, aptly called Forest Hills, the latest in Arcadia Publishing’s popular Images of America series. Forest Hills was America’s first “garden city” and if you’ve ever strolled through Forest Hills Gardens in particular, you’ll see how green and garden-like it can be (in the warmer months, of course). The book will show you this through its more than 200 vintage images of the neighborhood.


01/31/13 9:30am


Image source: SVA – and example of what you might gain from the work of Operation Photo Rescue

Our friend @duluozcats posted about this very cool effort by the School of Visual Arts in the city – they are calling it Operation Photo Rescue, hosted by SVA’s MPS Digital Photography Department. This could be a huge help for those Sandy victims that also have photo memories that were damaged. (more…)

01/29/13 2:00pm

Here at QueensNYC we love to talk about what’s shiny and new, but we are also fascinated with what came before, too. Over the weekend we came across The Old New York Page on Facebook. Sure, there’s a lot of Manhattan – and the photos are great – but Brooklyn and Queens are also featured from time to time. We are particularly smitten with this shot of the bungalows in the Rockaways from 1910.


Image source: The Old New York Page on Facebook


01/08/13 9:30am


Image source: Business Insider – one of the homes destroyed by Hurricane Sandy

Business Insider recently published a couple of connected stories on the state of the Rockaways two months after Hurricane Sandy. There are a lot of photos that are worth taking a look at.

Cleanup and repair will come, partially funded by the Federal government, though what the House voted on was a fraction of what was proposed by the Senate – $9.7 billion to $60.4 billion. This money will go towards projects that help the most people (so, the most bang for the buck), like road repairs as well as things having to do with repairing overall infrastructure.


11/03/12 9:00am

We were particularly impressed by this collection of photos from all over the metro area of the flooding during Hurricane Sandy – the infamous one from LaGuardia airport, heartbreaking ones from the Rockaways (including Breezy Point), and flooding in Jamaica Bay are included. Here’s the LGA one (click to enlarge):


Image source: Gizmodo