10/25/12 9:30am


In a recent mailing from Green Shores, they included an update on the Queens East River & North Shore Greenway, beyond the current construction in Astoria Park that we wrote about earlier this week. Parts of the Greenway that go through Rainey Park, the Astoria Houses Esplanade, Shore Boulevard and Ralph DeMarco Park, are under construction. Rainey Park itself is still closed, too, due to the construction.

A couple of photos were shared in the mailing, including one of these round bike racks on the north side of the park.


Image source: Green Shores


10/19/12 9:30am


For a few weeks now, there has been construction going on down at Astoria Park – it looks like they’ve ripped out the sidewalk and edges of the park all along Shore Blvd. It’s blocked off by plastic orange fencing and the trees are surrounded by wooden slats, supposedly to keep them safe and indicate they are not to be cut down.

Just Thursday morning there were construction guys with jackhammers breaking up the sidewalk area close to the Hell Gate Bridge (you can see the debris in the photo above). (more…)