11/21/12 2:00pm

Rockaway Taco by Chris Gold

Rockaway Taco by Chris Gold

The Rockaway boardwalk has been the recent home to a number of food vendors, and has been part of a whole “food renaissance” there. The vendors have been a huge draw in the summers for regulars as well as people originally unfamiliar with the Rockaway peninsula. A lot of people have fallen in love with the Rockaways through the food.

These food vendors, many of them right there on the boardwalk, were hit hard, and have suffered much damage to property, not to mention the boardwalk in some areas is just gone. Overwhelmingly there is loss; some are expecting to rebuild; some are uncertain.

Vendors are situated from Beach 86 to Beach 106. Here are some status updates.

Caracas Arepa Bar. 106-01 Shore Front Pkwy – GMAP. According to a 10/31 Facebook update, “Caracas Rockaway… totally destroyed as well as the whole peninsula… we were there yesterday and it s really sad… we will reach out for volunteers to help people out there as soon as we have a clear idea on how to do it properly.”


Image source: Caracas Arepa Bar Facebook page November 13, 2012


10/30/12 3:00pm


Image source: H.L.I.T. on Flickr

This week we ran across the trailer for The Bungalows of Rockaway, an independent film about, well, the bungalows in the Rockaways. More specifically:

The Bungalows of Rockaway explores urbanism by bringing to life a neglected coastal area of New York City and its historic built environment. The documentary takes a modest subject — the small, affordable bungalows that once covered the Rockaway peninsula — and reveals the larger themes of this substantive, entertaining, and original story: working class leisure, public access to the ocean, community identity, and architectural preservation.

More details are here. (more…)