04/23/13 4:30pm

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer

Sunnyside is getting some shade back.

The City Parks Foundation on Monday began planting the first of 70 trees meant to replace those downed by Sandy. Trees are also being planted in Woodside. The Sunnyside Post reports;

“What better way to celebrate Earth Day than planting a tree,” said councilman Jimmy Van Bramer, whose office has kept track of where the downed trees were located.

The Sunnyside/Woodside street that was most devastated by the hurricane was 48th Street between Skillman and 39th Ave. “It lost more trees than any other block,” Van Bramer said. However, “there were pockets of downed trees in all areas of Sunnyside and Woodside.”

Hopefully these new trees will be maintained and pruned, as some have been demanding, so their limbs don’t come crashing down during the next big storm.

Avella gets tough on trees [Little Neck Ledger]

Dozens of trees to be planted in Queens to replace those downed by Sandy [DNAInfo]

04/22/13 4:00pm

Are Rockaway commuters taking another knock from the MTA?


The agency is reportedly decreasing the number of shuttle runs that were instituted to make up for “A” train service knocked out by hurricane Sandy.

Even before the hurricane, service times from the Rockaways were not good. After Sandy, the United Nations actually recognized a Far Rockaway student for having one of the longest commutes in the world. It can take Santiago Munoz two hours and forty minutes to get to Bronx HS of Science, by way of the shuttle, a second bus, and two subway lines, according to the Post.


11/10/12 9:00am

Image Source: Queens Economic Development Corporation

Corona Cares for the Rockaways  is a cultural festival/hurricane relief event at the newly refurbished Corona Plaza (GMAP). Enjoy an afternoon of diverse dance performances, concerts, children’s activities, and art. Plus, there will be a checkpoint where people can donate materials to a van that will make nonstop round trips to The Rockaways and back.

Corona Cares for the Rockaways
Saturday, Nov. 10
Corona Plaza, Roosevelt Ave., between 103 and 104 Streets
12 noon-4 pm | Free

11/05/12 9:30am


Image source: RunningTractor on Flickr

As we’re all witnessing, power is slowly being returned in clusters to New  York City. On Friday afternoon it was widely reported that 84,936 customers in Queens were without power but by Friday night, 29,000 more were restored in this borough.

Con Edison has given itself a little leeway, promising that the majority of these accounts are expected to be returned to normal by November 10 or 11 – this seems to firmly apply to customers served by underground wires. The more complicated repairs, on connections provided by overhead wires, may take even longer. (more…)

11/02/12 12:00pm

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It was almost instantaneous – our friends and neighbors around New York City identified the needs of those hit hardest by the surges of Sandy and swung into action.

Want to help, too? The following resources are designed to connect your resources – good stuffs, man-power, funds, blood, and clothes – to those in need in the Tri-State region and in Queens.

American Red Cross  The Red Cross is uniquely qualified to handle the most serious issues affecting victims of Sandy. You can donate money,  skills, and importantly, blood, for which they are specifically asking. They’re also at work in the Caribbean, Sandy’s first stop in her path of destruction.


10/30/12 3:29pm

The Sunnyside Gardens area of Sunnyside is known for the large, beautiful trees that line its streets. Unfortunately, Hurricane Sandy found many of these trees last night and they were ripped out at the roots, wreaking havoc on cars, sidewalks, and yards. Most homeowners got lucky, though, and did not see any damage from the fallen trunks and branches.

On 47th Street, two huge trees and a lamppost lay across the road.


Between 47th and 48th Streets, a tree went down in someone’s backyard, and yanked the square edge of the yard up with it.  (more…)

10/28/12 12:30pm


Image source: NYC Office of Emergency Management

As you are no doubt aware, we’ve got a hurricane nipping at our heels. Hurricane Sandy is on its way here and it looks bad – and it will become even worse because it’s scheduled to have a meetup with a Nor’easter – the collision of these two storms have caused some weather folks to nickname the whole thing, “Frankenstorm” – this is ironic especially since we are so close to Halloween. “Turduckenstorm” has also made an appearance as well – a storm within a storm.

On a more serious note, over on the Facebook page for Craig Allen – the meteorologist at CBS 880 AM, is some good information. Here’s a storm tracking map – all the possible predictable paths the storm could take.

Image source: CBS 880 AM

Would have been great if the storm took the path of that outer green path. And here’s the storm along the Southeast coast (click to enlarge).


Image source: CBS 880 AM

It’s a big one. (more…)