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Image source: Adam E. Moreira on Wikimedia Commons

We recently read A Newbie’s Guide to Bushwick Subway Stops from Bushwick Daily and we liked it so much, we decided to do our own version for Astoria. Here, we present a brief subway stop by subway stop breakdown of where to live and why. We start with the N/Q in Astoria (Astoria is also served by the M/R – more on that at another time).

In general, rents throughout Astoria run about around $1,600 for a one bedroom and $2,000 for a two bedroom, but of course there are exceptions to that on either end of the pricing spectrum. New construction tends to be more expensive than older construction, and rather than big developments, Astoria has a lot of infill construction, which affects rents as well.


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All that anyone seems to talk about in Queens these days, at least in my circles, is how crowded the subways have become. According to the MTA, they’re experiencing record ridership, which is actually a good thing as people aren’t driving as much and using mass transit. The bad part is what happens when there’s trouble on one of the tracks and you have an entire subway line’s worth of people having to find an alternative route to work.

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A Festivistmas Kwanzaannukah holiday tradition, the MTA runs vintage Subway cars on the M line on Sundays in the month of December. The rolling stock is maintained by the MTA’s Transit Museum, and I make it a point of attending the event every year. This Q’stoner post from last year goes into some detail on what to expect onboard these relics of NYC’s golden age, but I wasn’t too happy with the quality of the photos from 2013, and have been practicing my subway shooting skills in the intervening interval.

Yesterday, I put myself to the test, and rode the Shoppers Special with my camera. Lots of shots from what I saw onboard follow, after the jump. (more…)

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subway_surfers screenshot

Maybe it was Subway Surfers, the popular video game, that enticed a man to give train surfing a try.

Or maybe this guy was just a regular old LIRR fare jumper who thought it better to get on top of the train than stowaway in the bathroom.

Whatever the reason, commuter Boruch Nemtzov, 28, was awaiting his train at the Forest Hills LIRR station when he spotted a guy lying face down on top of a passing train, NYDN reports. “Maybe he was trying to beat a $20 fare,” Nemtzov quipped to the paper. Since the most recent fare increase in March, a peak hours round-trip ride from Manhattan to Forest Hills costs $16.

Photo courtesy of NY Daily News

Gothamist reported on the incident too:

MTA spokesman Aaron Donovan said the man—whose photo was snapped as he passed through the Forest Hills station—is still at large, though officials are “working to find the individual” since train surfing is “obviously illegal.”

How often does this occur, anyway? “I’ve been working here since ’07, and this is the first time I’ve recalled this happening on the LIRR or Metro North,” Donovan said.

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Here’s a roundup of our top posts in March 2013. As usual, food is a big interest as well as the ever more invisible dividing line between Queens and Brooklyn. ‘A newbie’s guide to Astoria subway stops – the N/Q’ takes the top spot though – and thanks again ghoes to Bushwick Daily for its inspiring A Newbie’s Guide to Bushwick Subway Stops.

5. Do you know where the border between Queens and Brooklyn lies?

Brooklyn-Queens border

What actually divides Queens and Brooklyn? There’s no great wall or border patrol to mark the line between Brooklyn and Queens. The Queens-Brooklyn border issue has been confounding the two boroughs, especially residents of Ridgewood and Bushwick, for hundreds of years.


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Image source: Natalia Paruz Facebook page

Gothamist has put together a list of the 7 Best Buskers in NYC and we’re happy to say that buskers from Queens made the cut.

First up is Natalia Paruz, better known as The Saw Lady. You’ll find her playing her musical saw throughout the subway system, the hauntingly beautiful sounds emanating throughout any particular station. (more…)

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Damage on the New York City Subway’s Rockaway Line (A train), shortly after Hurricane Sandy came through. Photo: MTA New York City Transit / Leonard Wiggins

The folks who run the Rockaway Emergency Plan posted an update on the A train track work scheduled for this winter. Work that was originally planned for later this year has been bumped up to and earlier timeframe, which is good news for the area. (more…)

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Image source: DOB

For a while construction has been humming along 31st Street just around the corner from Bohemian Hall and just south of the Peter Vallone Sr. school (PS 85). Located at 23-88 31st Street (GMAP,) it’s going to be a 32,122 square foot, seven story mixed used building – residences and commercial. There was a 2 story house there originally, a very boxy brick building, that was demolished two summers ago. In its place will be 28 residential units and 14 enclosed parking spaces. The commercial part (office and retail) will take up about 9,000 square feet.