10/27/12 2:00pm

Today it’s warm (for Fall) and it’s very possible that the surfers are out there in their wet suits at Rockaway Beach, surfing the day away (surfers will put up with a lot, when it comes to air and water temperature). We came across this video this week and were completely mesmerized. Slow motion surfing and waves, all set to a beautiful operatic score.

[vimeo 49352102 w=500 h=281]

R O C K A W A Y O P E R A — Surfing at Rockaway Beach from Zac Halberd on Vimeo.

07/11/12 3:00pm

If you’re like me and the warm weather makes you crave some serious outdoor play time, you don’t even have to leave town to feel the rush of adrenaline. All of these adventures await in Queens.

Kayaking – Long Island City – On Saturday afternoons, LIC Community Boathouse offers free walk-up paddling sessions in Hallets Cove on the East River, open to children and adults of any skill level. More experienced paddlers can sign up for longer kayaking trips to various spots along the Brooklyn and Queens waterfront or around Roosevelt Island. (GMAP)

East River Kayakers

Image source: Flickr Creative Commons – user wka