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Image source: Google – click to enlarge

We mentioned both the Google Crisis Map: Superstorm Sandy and the Google Crisis Map: Superstorm Sandy: NYC on October 28, which at that point had a few things to offer – the location of the storm, webcams, and a few other things. Since then, it’s exploded with information that is incredibly valuable during this post-Sandy world in NYC. More about the map:

This map displays information about current crises and events for which the Google Crisis Response team has collected geographic information. The data comes from a variety of sources, including official information sources and user-generated content. See the Layers list for additional details about each layer.

Tips for using this site:

  • Zoom the map using either the on-screen controls or your mouse.
  • Find additional layers in the Layers list, where you can turn them on or off. Scroll to see all layers.
  • Zoom to an appropriate view for each layer by clicking the “Zoom to area” links in the Layers list.
  • View selected layers in Google Earth by clicking the “Download KML” links in the Layers list.
  • Share the map in e-mail by clicking the Share button and copying the URL provided there. The URL will restore your current view, including the set of layers that you have turned on.
  • Embed the map on your website or blog by getting a snippet of HTML code from the Share button.
  • Share the link on Google+, Twitter or Facebook by clicking the appropriate button in the Share window.

If you wish to provide feedback or comments on the map, or if you are aware of map layers or other datasets that you would like to see included on our maps, please submit them for our evaluation using this form.


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Image source: NYC EDC

The New York City Economic Development Corporation has recently announced a competition to help NYC-based businesses – small and medium-sized commercial and industrial businesses with 100 employees or less – get fiber optics installed at their business for free. It’s called Connect!NYC Fiber Challenge(more…)

08/16/12 10:30am

Image source: Songza

So yeah, we’ve talked about Songza before. They are part of the early wave of tech startups making a home in Long Island City, Queens (instead of Manhattan’s Silicon Alley or Brooklyn’s DUMBO). And it looks like they are giving Pandora a run for their money. Why is this? According to Techcrunch, Songza has gone ahead and gotten themselves 2 million new users (US and Canada) since June, and half those have stuck around. (more…)

08/07/12 4:01pm


The chatter continues regarding the growing tech startup atmosphere in Long Island City. LIC has much to offer that these companies find attractive – cheaper rents, large former industrial spaces for expansive offices, proximity to Manhattan, and beautiful city views during lunch. The desired hipness quotient when it comes to food and drink is also increasing (Sweetleaf and Alobar, for starters).

Regular tech meetups, organized by Coalition for Queens, take place in LIC, too. And Cornell’s applied-sciences campus will open on nearby Roosevelt Island in 2015. Bravo, all you early adopters (Songza, Digital Natives Group, Shapeways) – critical mass starts with you.

Tech’s Boom Taps Queens [WSJ]

07/27/12 7:30am

It was a full house at the second installment of the Queens Tech Meetup on Thursday, held on the top floor of Hunter’s Point Plaza in Long Island City. Despite the overcast sky and storm warnings, more than a 100 people braved the winds and the rains to attend the event organized by the non-profit, Coalition for Queens.

Crowd at Queens Tech Meetup

The turnout was a clear indication of the development of Queens as a hub for creative and technical innovation. And if the ventures previewed at the event are any indication of what’s to follow, it seems the borough is well on its way to becoming a force to reckon with in New York City’s burgeoning tech scene.


07/23/12 4:30pm

Coalition for Queens Speaker Quinn New York City Council

Image source: Flickr – New York City Council

As the NYC tech scene continues to grow, Queens is getting its turn at the wheel. Startups like 3D printing company Shapeways and Aereo are calling LIC home. The first Queens Tech Meetup, which took place on June 7th at Hunter’s Point Plaza, attracted over 150 attendees and a second meetup is planned for Thursday this week. City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is also making a push for more tech and science education at CUNY’s Queens College.