The Baroness, a bar located at 41-26 Crescent Street (right off Queens Plaza North), celebrates its grand opening tonight. The joint will serve wine, craft beers, and snacks like cheese, flatbread and charcuterie. Here is the menu. The bar also serves champagne, which the bartenders will apparently open with swords. The owners built out the space mainly using materials salvaged from Long Island City — the wood behind the bar comes from 100-year-old joists from a nearby building. Looks like a promising addition near Queensboro Plaza! GMAP

08/26/13 2:00pm


A new bar named The Baroness is coming to 41-26 Crescent Street, near Queens Plaza in Long Island City. The yellow legal paper taped in the window promises a new locally owned and operated establishment serving “wine, craft beer, flatbreads, cheese, charcuterie, and more.” The new watering hole will be a welcome addition to the blocks north of Queens Plaza, an area that is growing rapidly but currently lacks a neighborhood joint. Tucked in an older building next to two new luxury apartment buildings, the bar seems well-positioned for success. (Packard Square is located next door, and the Crescent Club is across the street.) Queens Plaza South is also seeing a new diner and bar opening soon. Peeking through the windows, work has barely started on the interior, so it could be a while before The Baroness begins pouring drinks for residents and JetBlue employees. Click through for one more photo. GMAP (more…)