01/30/14 2:00pm


Shannon Pot, the Long Island City bar forced to move due to the 5Pointz development plans, just reopened in a new location. The Court Square Blog reports that the bar started serving on Tuesday at 21-59 44th Drive, on the corner of 21st Street. As you can see above, the same familiar sign graces the new location.

The Shannon Pot stayed at its original location on the corner of Davis Street and Jackson Avenue for 14 years. Demolition for the 5Pointz condo tower is expected to come in February.

Confirmed: Shannon Pot is Open for Business [The Court Square Blog]
The Shannon Pot Says Goodbye [Q’Stoner] GMAP

Photo by the Court Square Blog

01/07/14 2:00pm


After rumors of closing, The Shannon Pot’s demise is now official. DNAinfo reports that the Long Island City bar shuttered last Friday to make way for the 5Pointz condo towers. The owners, who have been on the corner of Davis Street and Jackson Avenue for 14 years, plan to reopen the bar in the coming weeks at 21-59 44th Drive, off of 21st Street.

Developers Jerry and David Wolkoff expect to demolish the existing buildings in the area (which, of course, includes 5Pointz) this February. Development plans call for luxury condo units, artist and gallery space, a public park, retail, and parking.

Shannon Pot Bar Closes in LIC, Plans to Reopen Nearby [DNAinfo]

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09/04/13 9:45am


Lost City received a tip that The Shannon Pot, a longtime tavern and grill in Long Island City, is slated for demolition. The rumor is that the building will be razed in the next few months and a condo tower will rise in its place. Department of Building records don’t reveal any impending plan for demolition though. Lost City calls The Shannon Pot a “dependable presence in the neighborhood for some time” and guesses that the building has long served as a tavern. It’s in a central LIC location near the Court Square subway stop, so it sounds plausible to us that the location would be getting eyed for residential development.

Long Island City’s Shannon Pot to Go Under? [Lost City] GMAP

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Image source: LIC Horror Film Festival

The inaugural Long Island City Horror Film Fest is happening this weekend at 5 Pointz in LIC. The films, all shorts, were submitted during the Open Call earlier this year. Here is a list of the films that will be screened on Saturday night from 9 to midnight:

  • “Anne Lake” by Annette Isham from North Woods
  • “The Story of Mrs. Crumley” by Byron Guinanzaca from Queens, New York
  • “T.A.T” by Wilmer Pozo from Quito, Ecuador
  • “Polterzeitgeist” by Carl Diehl from Portland, OR
  • “A Red Line” by Ellen Wetmore from Fitchburg MA
  • “Ante Fenestram Somniat in Albo (Against the Window, She Dreams in White)” by Scott F. Hall & Janae N. Corrado from Merrit Island, FL
  • “Cables” by Luis Enriquez from Quito, Ecuador
  • “Promethean Dreams” by Matt McKee from Hyde Park, MA
  • “The Obscure Red” by Sofia Escobar from Toronta, Canada
  • “Cadaver Sex With Minors” by Ulysses Castellanos from Toronto Canada
  • “Sacrebleu” by Fabian Elias Jimenez from Queens, New York
  • “Year Zero” by Richard Cunningham from New York
  • “Tenant Patrol” by Ray and Rita Normandeau from Queens, New York