04/23/13 4:30pm

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer

Sunnyside is getting some shade back.

The City Parks Foundation on Monday began planting the first of 70 trees meant to replace those downed by Sandy. Trees are also being planted in Woodside. The Sunnyside Post reports;

“What better way to celebrate Earth Day than planting a tree,” said councilman Jimmy Van Bramer, whose office has kept track of where the downed trees were located.

The Sunnyside/Woodside street that was most devastated by the hurricane was 48th Street between Skillman and 39th Ave. “It lost more trees than any other block,” Van Bramer said. However, “there were pockets of downed trees in all areas of Sunnyside and Woodside.”

Hopefully these new trees will be maintained and pruned, as some have been demanding, so their limbs don’t come crashing down during the next big storm.

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04/19/13 11:00am

Free compost from the city. Source: BIG!NYC

Image Source: BIG!NYC

Earlier in the year we reported on where you could drop your food scraps for composting. Most of that compost went to improving city property and community gardens and organizations. But unless you built your own bin, if you’ve wanted to get in on that composting action, you were out of luck. But not now. BIG!NYC points out that the Department of Sanitation will give you free bags of city compost and mulch as long as you use them to beautify public trees lining the street. Those oases of bark and dirt along the sidewalks easily suffer from rainwater runoff, uncurbed dogs, and sheer neglect. With a load of compost and mulch, a weekend afternoon, and a couple of friends, you can finally fix up that shabby patch of dirt outside your home — for free!


12/05/12 11:00am


A downed tree in Astoria

The NY Daily News reports that homeowners are dismayed at the violations they’re getting from the City in relation to the trees – some of them quite large – that fell on their houses and property as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Queens civic leaders and homeowners are highly annoyed by this turn of events, which they deem unfair. They want the violations removed; it’s important to note that these violations do not carry financial penalties on the property owner.


11/12/12 11:00am


A toppled tree in Astoria-Ditmars the day after Hurricane Sandy came through NYC

The NY Daily News reports on the high number of trees that fell in Queens during both Hurricane Sandy and the nor’easter that followed right behind it – Queens has the most downed trees of any of the boroughs as a result of these storms. Records show that “About half of the 20,000-plus calls to the city’s 311 line for downed trees and branches as well as hanging limbs came from Queens after the super-storm. And roughly 2,000 of the 3,000 requests received after the nor’easter were also traced to Queens.” Queens Parks Commissioner Dorothy Lewandowski said that the number of downed trees – oaks, maples, London planes, and more – is “the worst I have ever seen.”


10/30/12 3:29pm

The Sunnyside Gardens area of Sunnyside is known for the large, beautiful trees that line its streets. Unfortunately, Hurricane Sandy found many of these trees last night and they were ripped out at the roots, wreaking havoc on cars, sidewalks, and yards. Most homeowners got lucky, though, and did not see any damage from the fallen trunks and branches.

On 47th Street, two huge trees and a lamppost lay across the road.


Between 47th and 48th Streets, a tree went down in someone’s backyard, and yanked the square edge of the yard up with it.  (more…)

10/02/12 2:00pm

Image source: Build It Green!NYC

Good news for those who are looking to plant a tree on their property. According to Build It Green!NYC, they along with the Western Queens Compost Initiative, have partnered with the New York Restoration Project’s MillionTreesNYC program to give away 100 trees to Queens residents this fall. (more…)