02/22/13 11:00am

Pepsi Sign in LIC

The Pepsi Cola sign in LIC – one of the best known places in Queens

Yesterday we asked the question, “what are the best known places in Queens?” and we got quite the outpouring of answers! The airports got some love, as did Citi Field and The US Tennis Center. Then there’s the Golden Mall and Xi’an Famous Foods (located in the Golden Mall), and we can’t forget the Lemon Ice King of Corona. There are many more. So check out some of the places our readers consider to be best known places in Queens, via twitter.

glorifiedtomato: Rockaway Beach, 5Pointz, The Boulevard of Death.


11/19/12 9:30am


Image source: Buzzfeed

Over on Buzzfeed there’s an interesting article on how social media is aiding Hurricane Sandy recovery. Various networks have popped up on Tumblr (Sandy Sucks), Facebook (Red Hook/Rockaway Recovery), twitter (OccupySandy), and there’s even a network for cell phone texts (Occupy SMS), all focused on hurricane relief. These networks have been created by individuals and groups who truly want to make a difference and help their fellow neighbors during this difficult time.


10/12/12 10:00am


Image source: Twitter

We came across this “exhaustive study” about twitter users worldwide, so we started to wonder… do you interact with QueensNYC on twitter? We’d love to know if you favorite or retweet us, too. And tell your friends about us! We love sharing news of Queens with everyone. As always, let us know in the comments or (and this is particularly appropriate today) via twitter at @queensnycity!

08/15/12 9:31am

Image source: Sue Yacka via City Spoonful

As those on twitter know, the signal to noise ratio can be pretty astounding at times (thank goodness for the list feature). So the fact that any particular twitter stream would catch the eye of the Village Voice is pretty impressive – enter Suzanne Yacka, aka @tastoriaqueens, one of the most compelling voices on twitter regarding Queens food – mostly, but not limited to, Astoria and LIC. (more…)