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There’s excitement in beginnings — especially when they involve Queens and Marilyn Monroe. After producing plays and festivals in Manhattan, Variations Theatre Group has seen the light and created a multi-discipline performing arts center in the former US Chain Factory in Long Island City. On January 17, The Chain Theatre opens with After The Fall, written by prolific playwright Arthur Miller. Though it hasn’t been performed as much as Miller’s magnum opus Death of a Salesman, After The Fall is regarded as the New York City native’s most autobiographical work, intimately exploring his failed marriage to Marilyn Monroe and her suicide. With dark undertones, this drama deals with a grieving man’s tortured thoughts.

After The Fall
The Chain Theatre
21-28 45th Rd., Long Island City
Thursday, January 17, through Saturday, February 2
7pm – 9pm with 2 pm shows on weekends | $18