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Already in the second week of the US Open Tennis.com decided to pen a love letter to Louis Armstrong Stadium, the second-largest stadium inside the National Tennis Center. The stadium has its quirks:

The seats are cramped, the wind swirls inside, and there are no architectural or decorative touches to please the eye. Designed and built in minimalist, modernist 1964, it’s just a concrete bowl with enormous steel light fixtures towering over it… Armstrong has what city planners would now call “a circulation problem.” Outside of Rome, it may be the most restless tennis court in the world.

Louis Armstrong was once slated for demolition, but now plans call for a revamp, expansion, and a new retractable roof. (Because the stadium was built on a landfill, it never received a roof due to concerns that the soil couldn’t support the weight.) Former United States Tennis Association president Slew Hester first spotted the stadium back in 1977, when it was abandoned and covered with snow. The arena hadn’t been in use since the 1964 World’s Fair. The USTA had outgrown the West Side Tennis Club in Forest Hills, so the move was made to Flushing Meadows. The rush to prepare the site for the US Open “explains why there were no bells and whistles in the design, as well as the jerry-rigged quality of its construction.” The appeal, of course, rests in the nostaliga of the building. As the author puts it, “Armstrong has a strange appeal, one that makes me wonder if memories and nostalgia don’t ultimately trump all questions of aesthetics and taste.”

A Palace Fit for Queens [Tennis.com]
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Grub Street has a nice rundown of stuff to eat at this year’s US Open, which begins today. The chefs Tony Mantuano, Masaharu Morimoto, and David Burke will cook this week at the sit-down venues. There, you can expect dishes like salumi antipasto, sushi rolls, and cheesecake lollipops. Grub Street was most excited about more casual eats, including the BBQ at Hill Country and the filet mignon sandwich at East Gate Grill. There are also plenty of dosas, tacos, and burgers to be had. Any readers have their own standby meals at and around the National Tennis Center?

What to Eat at This Year’s US Open, Starting Today [Grub Street]
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It’s enrichment at no cost. The New York Hall of Science will offer free general admission from August 24th to September 9th, and as the deal coincides with the US Open Tennis Championship, some exhibits will have sports themes. The Arthur Ashe Learning Center Inspiration Tour will use touchscreens, motion paintings, augmented reality and wellness challenges to provide insight into the legendary tennis player’s passions, which included sports, education, health and public service. On August 29th, NYSCI will operate an Alternative Sports Drink Stand from noon to 3 pm. Patrons will be able to try alternatives to commercial sports drinks while learning healthful tips on snacks, farming and creating homemade drinks. There are other temporary exhibits, such as Tesla’s Wonderful World of Electricity, and NYSCI has more than 450 permanent hands-on exhibits and demonstrations.

Details: Free General Admission, NYSCI, 47-01 111th Street, Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, August 24th to September 9th, click here for hours.


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The Forest Hills Times reminds us that the West Side Tennis Club turns 100 this year, and changes are coming. The actual club itself was established in 1892 on West Side of Manhattan. In 1913, the club bought land in Forest Hills, which is still its home. For it, they paid a $2,000 down payment and a $75,000 mortgage. (more…)

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Besides world-class tennis and a world-class venue, one highlight of the US Open this year has been the signature cocktail. Sweetly named the Grey Goose Honey Deuce, it’s a mixture of lemonade, vodka, and black raspberry liqueur – garnished with three adorable honeydew melon balls to get you into the tennis spirit.

The drink, which is sold at the concession stands inside Arthur Ashe Stadium and at Grey Goose Bar in the outdoor plaza, comes in a US Open 2012 tumbler that you can keep. The collectible cup lists all of the champions, men and women, from 1968 to 2011.

If you didn’t get tickets to the Open this year, try making your own Honey Deuce at home while you watch the finals on TV. This video from the Wall Street Journal reveals the recipe.

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The US Open has been the biggest sports event going on lately – Queens is the proud home to this major Grand Slam tennis tournament. It’s really a thrill to be there during the US Open, too. Have you caught any of it, either on TV or in person (and if you were there at the Tennis Center did you check out either of the new fancy bars that opened this year)? Let us know in the comments or via twitter at @queensnycity!

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It may not be the “official” start of the US Open (Day 1 is Monday, August 27), but great tennis gets underway today at the US Open Qualifying Tournament at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows. All of these matches are free through this Friday, and the winners then make up the list of players in the elimination rounds. (more…)

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Although the city had at first banned them during the US Open, soccer teams can once again play in Flushing Meadows Corona Park. After a Daily News inquiry, the Parks Department will allow the teams – mostly from immigrant communities – to play during the US Open on days that the Mets aren’t playing.

City allows soccer players to use Queens park during U.S. Open following Daily News inquiry [NYDN]

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The tournament schedule for the US Open has been posted, right on time for the first Qualifying Tournament on Tuesday, August 21.

Image source: pdstahl on Flickr

The US Open is, of course, played at the  United States Tennis Association Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, though many locals call it “Flushing Meadows” as its located in Flushing Meadows, Queens.

The Center’s grounds are made up of three stadiums – Arthur Ashe, Louis Armstrong, and the Grandstand. (more…)