11/01/12 9:30am

It really does take a while to recover from a hurricane, especially one as big as Hurricane Sandy. As a reminder, here’s what the earth churned up for us.


Image source: TPM

It was pretty freaking scary – sadly, appropos for Halloween.

So here’s a list of our recent posts that contain helpful info in them, for individuals, families, and businesses:

Power and subway updates after Hurricane Sandy, Queens edition – what trains are running, starting this morning (Thursday, November 1). We’ve got a line-by-line list of the different subway trains in operation (sorry, 7 train – you really get the short end of the stick these days).

Damaged or flooded apartment or business? Check out these resources for help – links, email addresses, and phone numbers of state and federal resources, like FEMA, the Red Cross, and the SBS.

Are you tech ready? – all about preparing the tech side of your life before, during, and after an emergency like Hurricane Sandy.

Queens hurricane evacuation centers – in case you still need one, or a friend/family member does.

Additionally, here are a couple of other very useful links.

Transit Tracker – keep up to date on the dynamic nature of getting public transit back on line.

Astoria NYC Recovers – “This is a recovery organizing site for New York’s Astoria neighborhood in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The site allows people to offer/request assistance, and is coordinated by the folks at Occupy NYC and community organizations on the ground.”

Do you know other resources in this vein? Let us know in the comments, twitter, or Facebook, and we’ll include them here.