02/13/13 2:00pm

Over the months, we’ve featured a number of maps on QueensNYC – what can we say, we think maps are pretty interesting, especially the interactive ones. Here’s a roundup of maps that have caught our eye – we hope you enjoy them a second time around!

1940s New York: See what your neighborhood used to be like with this interactive map


Using this interactive map, republished by the CUNY Graduate Center from a 1943 “NYC Market Analysis” newspaper feature, we can see snapshots of what life used to be like back in the day. The roads looked a lot calmer, with only a few cars and no lane markings; vertical store signs were abundant on commercial streets, too. The original population statistics and real estate information are viewable on the website as well.


11/06/12 10:00am


Image source: Wikimedia Commons

We know since the hurricane, access to polling places in some parts of the city have been a challenge. How was your voting experience today? Were you able to get to your polling place easily or was it more difficult than usual? What kind of structure hosted your polling place? We’d love to know. Leave us a comment here or via twitter at @queensnycity

10/25/12 2:00pm


Image source: Casey Fox on Flickr

Over at SPIN magazine, they are doing a series called “Spin Election 2012: Musicians on the Key Issues.” This week they talked to Dapwell of Das Racist (AKA Ashok Kondabolu, seen elsewhere starring in the indie film Dosa Hunt) and his views on the importance of voting, though his mother’s experience as a naturalized citizen. He grew up in Queens, in an apartment at 74th Street and Northern Boulevard in Jackson Heights. (more…)