10/31/12 10:00am


Image source: MTA

We noticed that the buses are running, and heard on the radio that traffic is backed up on the BQE (yes, we are heading back to normalcy with that one). How are you getting around? Are you trying to get to work today? Or just around town? Leave us a comment here or via twitter at @queensnycity.

10/19/12 11:00am


With its cheerful name, proximity to the city, and peaceful residential streets, Sunnyside has a lot going for it. The neighborhood is a mix of old and new, of Irish, Romanian, Turkish, Mexican, Colombian, Tibetan, and more. It may appear quaint at first glance – and that’s one of its charms – but if you know where to go, it’s also a destination for food, shopping, and great walks. Here’s our guide for those who want to spend a day exploring Sunnyside, from breakfast to evening drinks, and everything in between. (more…)

10/11/12 2:00pm

Image source: Randy Le’Moine Photography on Flickr

As we get into the NYC Marathon spirit, most of us are not quite ready to participate in a five-borough, 26.2-mile, world-famous race ourselves. Luckily, there’s a whole slate of running events taking place around Queens this fall for runners and walkers of all levels – even children can participate in some. (more…)

09/25/12 3:00pm


Image source: Rob Boudon on Flickr

There’s something about the crisp fall air that inspires many of us to head outside to get in shape. Fall can be an excellent running season, thanks to cooler weather. Whether you want to push your distance or speed, or just find the motivation to hit the road in the first place, there are plenty of running clubs in Queens that provide companionship for everything from casual jogs to marathon training sessions. Here’s a list of six running clubs that meet all over the borough. (more…)