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Yesterday we told you about the new bus route that will take riders from LIC to Williamsburg along the west side of Queens and Brooklyn. Would you support such a route by riding it? Or would you prefer to take the ferry? We’d love to know. Leave us a comment here or via twitter at @queensnycity!

09/29/12 2:00pm

In our Wednesday QNYC Evening Edition, we included a trailer to Dosa Hunt. Here it is again:


The movie is billed as, “The Greatest Hunt For South Indian Food In NYC Ever Committed To Film!” (more…)

04/25/12 4:56pm

Leave the City Behind on the East River Ferry

Ridership on the East River Ferry has surpassed expectations, according to The Wall Street Journal. Speculation is that warm weather may have enhanced the ferry’s appeal. Service does still depend on city subsidies, but Council Speaker Christine Quinn said the ferry has made waves as far away as Haifa, Israel, where concerned scientists said they would not step foot on Roosevelt Island without it (sort of). The island doesn’t have ferry service, so looks like Quinn has some work to do. Maybe random Israelis will convince the city to keep the ferry for good this time?

04/17/12 12:52pm


East River Ferry Route Map

Image Source: NY Waterway

We thought maybe it was time to try out NY Waterway’s East River Ferry.

The double-decker catamaran seats 140 people, and on most days, there is plenty of room on board AND in the $5 all-day 160 car parking lot. What’s that you say? Parking in Long Island City?

The Hunter’s Point terminal is located south of 54th Avenue on 2nd Street, with boats departing every 20 minutes during peak time to Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Dumbo, Wall Street and 34th Street.

The ferry costs $4 each way for adults. You can bring your bike for $1. You can ride the ferry back to Queens too.