02/19/13 3:00pm


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Last week we wrote about the basic concepts and types of yoga, and here in Part 2 we focus on where to find a yoga class to attend in Queens. This borough has all kinds of yoga venues, and this listing is designed to provide a sampling of studios with different personalities offering different kinds of yoga throughout Queens.


02/15/13 3:00pm


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Today in 2013, it’s rare to find anyone not familiar with at least the basic idea of yoga. The colorful mats, the sanskrit symbols, that pose, “downward facing dog.”  In an age where you can never be earning enough, losing weight fast enough, or doing a variety of other things perfectly enough, the message of practicing without ego, of being present in the moment, and of cultivating stillness is actually pretty profound, and it’s no wonder yoga has spread like wildfire. Whether you are preparing yourself for a visit to an ashram, need an hour of peace and quiet, or are just looking to get in shape, yoga offers pathways to all of these goals.


12/27/12 10:00am


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We’ve had some winter storms come through during the past few days, bringing rain here in NYC. And yesterday was one of the chilliest days – in the 20s for a while. So how are you staying fit during these cold, stormy days? Are you a gym rat or do you go out and face the elements? Or maybe yoga is your thing, or pilates? We’d love some inspiration from you all. Let us know your approach to fitness while it’s cold, here in the comments or via twitter at @queensnycity!

07/18/12 3:00pm

Yoga in the Park Queens

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We’re seeing yoga studios pop up all over Queens; clearly the craze has hit the borough. In practically every neighborhood from LIC to the Rockaways, there’s something for everyone — including young kidswomen who are expecting, and seniors with limited mobility. And if you’ve ever used high cost as an excuse not to join a yoga or fitness class, then the jig is up. Here’s our guide to shaping up with minimal impact on your budget.

Socrates Sculpture Park (free, summer): yoga, tai chi, capoeira (GMAP)

Zumba in the Park, Astoria Park (free, summer): zumba (GMAP)

78th Street Play Street, Jackson Heights (free, summer): yoga, pilates (GMAP)

Rockaway Beach and Boardwalk (free, summer): yoga, zumba, walking (GMAP)