Image source: LIC Horror Film Festival

The inaugural Long Island City Horror Film Fest is happening this weekend at 5 Pointz in LIC. The films, all shorts, were submitted during the Open Call earlier this year. Here is a list of the films that will be screened on Saturday night from 9 to midnight:

  • “Anne Lake” by Annette Isham from North Woods
  • “The Story of Mrs. Crumley” by Byron Guinanzaca from Queens, New York
  • “T.A.T” by Wilmer Pozo from Quito, Ecuador
  • “Polterzeitgeist” by Carl Diehl from Portland, OR
  • “A Red Line” by Ellen Wetmore from Fitchburg MA
  • “Ante Fenestram Somniat in Albo (Against the Window, She Dreams in White)” by Scott F. Hall & Janae N. Corrado from Merrit Island, FL
  • “Cables” by Luis Enriquez from Quito, Ecuador
  • “Promethean Dreams” by Matt McKee from Hyde Park, MA
  • “The Obscure Red” by Sofia Escobar from Toronta, Canada
  • “Cadaver Sex With Minors” by Ulysses Castellanos from Toronto Canada
  • “Sacrebleu” by Fabian Elias Jimenez from Queens, New York
  • “Year Zero” by Richard Cunningham from New York
  • “Tenant Patrol” by Ray and Rita Normandeau from Queens, New York


10/25/12 3:00pm


Image source: hanna_horwarth on Flickr

Halloween is almost upon us! And since it falls mid-week (Wednesday, srsly?), most of the partying will be happening this weekend. There’s plenty to do here in Queens – parties, costume competitions, dog parades, walking tours, scary movies, zombies, and more. Here is our list of events for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Halloween. Click through each event for more information. 


Dead or Alive: Halloween at NYSCI – Pumpkin Chucking – Watch as pumpkins are thrown hundreds of feet in the air by our 19-foot-tall catapult.

New York Hall of Science, Flushing, Friday, October 26th, 2012, 3:30pm – 5:00pm | FREE!

Halloween Spirits Tasting  – Indulge your inner mad scientist/ mixologist and come by to kick off your Halloween weekend with some of our coolest new artisinal spirits at a free spirits tasting.

Astoria Park Wine & Spirits, Astoria, Friday, October 26th, 2012, 6:00pm – 8:30pm | FREE!

Haunted Lantern Tours – Every Halloween, a haunted shipwreck brings ghosts and ghouls to the historic Battery. The Urban Park Rangers will be leading the way through this fright fest. Bring your flashlight, but leave your fear at home.

Fort Totten Park, Bayside, Friday, October 26th, 2012, 6:30pm – 8:00pm | FREE!